Surrogate Mother Pay in Atlanta, Georgia

Surrogate Mother Pay

Surrogate Mother Pay: Understanding The Basics

Surrogate mother pay in Atlanta, Georgia can differ depending on different factors. These factors consist of the surrogate mother’s experience in surrogacy, insurance coverage, the state that she resides in, a private surrogacy or via a surrogacy agency, and other variables.

The average surrogate mother pay or compensation will be within the range of $30,000 to $50,000. There are other allowances to consider that will be on top of the fee. These will include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • monthly expense allocation
  • maternity clothing
  • embryo transfer (meant to include any lost wages, child care, and other expense lost as a result of bed rest after transfer)
  • multiples (added payment per additional baby)
  • cesarean section (as proposed by attending physician)
  • cancelled cycles
  • health and medical insurance
  • travel costs (for surrogate mothers who need to travel) which includes airfare for the surrogate and her traveling companion, hotel accommodation and transportation costs.

These allowances guarantee that all costs associated with the surrogate mother’s pregnancy will be covered by the intended parents. These kinds of benefits make it very enticing for many women to become surrogate mothers.

Surrogate Mother Pay: In Conclusion

Surrogate mother pay offers financial stability for a surrogate as she goes through the process of surrogacy. Apart from the financial reward, there are also other perks to enjoy. To begin with, a surrogate mother is able to give the gift of life to a couple or family yearning to have their genetically connected baby. This gift can possibly develop into a lasting bond with the intended parents.

In general, the surrogate mother pay offers complete monetary compensation to surrogate mothers. This ensures that comprehensive compensation is provided so that a surrogate mother doesn’t have to worry about money while she experiences this amazing surrogacy journey.